QUIZ: What's Your Party Girl Style?

Take our quiz to find out what's your party girl personality, and which type of outfit you should wear!


ONE NIGHT ONLY : Catalunya Late Nights x Lexi Lyla

Complimentary entry to Catalunya Late Night parties for you and your girlfriends!


How to Wear Our New LUXE Dresses

Our 4 new //LUXE// dresses will get you party-ready for your girl's night out in no time.Let us give you some ideas on the best accessories to match, for double the wow factor.


5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair of Fashion Sneakers

They are no longer just gym shoes. We show you why you should run ahead with the sneaker trend too.


LLover of the Month: Dawn Yang

We kick off our interview series with none other than our beautiful celebrity founder - Dawn Yang!
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