LLover of The Month: Jean Danker

Hi Jean! Jingle bells are a-ringing around the corner, what does Christmas mean to you and what are your plans for the festive season?

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year, it's always been about family and feasting. This Christmas Eve, my Dad is hosting a dinner at his place for the whole family. Glenn's family will be coming over too! There's gonna be way too much food! Can't wait. The whole house is completely festive decorated! 

Best Christmas present ever received, and given?

I really treasure the the presents my parents have given me for Christmas over the years. Particularly the simple cross that's by my bedside that says "Jesus Loves You", because that's the last present my mum picked out for me before she passed away. I haven't even thrown away the box and wrapping paper coz she wrote my name on it. 

I don't know which presents I've given were the best, you'll have to ask my friends! I like to buy practical gifts mostly, especially if I know someone needs something in particular, i'll be the first to get that for them for Xmas. I bought Glenn a cold pressed juicer for Xmas because his juicer stopped working! But I benefit too so now he can juice for me and make me healthy smoothies! Yay!! 

Which Christmas song could you play on the radio all day?

I love Christmas songs and always can't wait till dec when we start playing them on the radio. I'm always crossing my fingers for Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas" to be on my playlist! I could listen to that one all day! It's so cheery and happy, everything that Christmas should be. 


You’re happily married to fellow DJ Glenn Ong.  Would a baby be a good Christmas present for you and Glenn right now? Do you prefer a boy or a girl? 

Haha! Everyone thinks we're married, but we're actually just engaged.  We need to plan a wedding! 

Does Glenn influence your fashion choices at all, and vice versa?

Not really, but he does love those short dresses on me. But I always dress for myself. I always pick whatever makes me feel confident and strong. Glenn is very aware of what he likes and what he doesn't, so I leave him to it. 

How would you describe your personal style? Has it evolved since you first started in entertainment at 19?

I had to figure out how to dress and do my makeup by myself while starting out in the business all those years ago. And it's definitely evolved into something more sophisticated and strong, though I like it keep feminine and fun too. 

Who is your fashion icon?

I really adore Victoria Beckham. She has such a keen sense of style and knows exactly what she looks good in.  I love everything she wears!

What do you usually wear to the Class 95FM studio everyday during your radio show? Is it a pajama party with your co-host Mike Kasem since technically, listeners can’t see you?

I wish it were a pajama party in the Class 95FM studio, but now we are constantly out hosting, or filming, either for respective TV shows (I'm hosting a new channel 5 show called The 5 Search) or for Class 95 TV on YouTube, so we are almost always camera ready. Also, our studio has a complete glass wall on one side, so everyone that walks past, sees us. Gone are the days where radio DJs are only heard and never seen. 

Are you as bubbly in real life as you are on air?

I love that I get a lot of energy being around people, so yes, when I'm with my friends, I'm just as bubbly as I am on the air.  However, i do love my alone time, just sitting in my apartment, putting on my favourite music and sprawling out on my couch in my downtime. 

What's the craziest or most interesting experience with a listener/caller you've had?

I have some pretty crazy stories to tell. I've had one lady listener who was rather 'over enthusiastic' and came to all my hosting events, it kinda got outta control a few times and over the years I had to make 3 separate police reports because of it. That's also why one year, my management had to hire a bodyguard to follow me at all my hosting events. He would meet me at the venue, stay right beside me during the event and walk me right up to my car when it was over. 

You look super young and fresh, anyone would think you’re in your twenties!  Any beauty secrets, favorite products and tips on maintaining your youthful good looks?

Aw, what a compliment! Thank you so much! Well, I credit it to getting enough sleep every night and using belif products. I am the brand ambassador for belif which is a Korean skincare brand. Also, I fully believe in doing what you love! 

You've hosted our National Day Parades for the past few years! What's that like?

I think I've hosted the national day parade 8 or 9 times and it never gets old. I totally love the exhilaration, the feeling of pride I have being a Singaporean and hosting on a national stage. The fireworks, the huge sense of how blessed we are living in Singapore. It's amazing! 

You will also be hosting the big Celebrate SG50countdown party on New Year’s Eve. How exciting. What are you looking forward to for the event? What can we look forward to?

Im looking forward to the actual countdown with the whole of Singapore when we're all on that stage going 10, 9, 8.... It's gonna make my heart sing because we are welcoming Singapore's 50th year! And YOU gotta be there coz Big Bang is gonna be there!! Plus Stephanie sun and so many more acts! Plus fireworks and a dance party after. Grab a big group of friends and welcome 2015 together! 


How would you like to usher in the new year if you weren’t at Celebrate SG50?

I'd definitely be with my family, and we'd be watching the countdown on TV! Hahaha! 

Can you share with us some of your favorite style picks from Lexi Lyla? 

Santiago Printed Maxi Dress, //LUXE// Sola dress, //LUXE// Guipure Lace Gold Chain Dress . These dresses are gorgeous!! 

Three words to describe Lexi Lyla?

Feminine, flirty and cute! 

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