Lexi -- defender of mankind   Lyla -- dark-haired beauty

LEXI LYLA embodies the spirit of strong urban edge combined with alluring femininty.

Founded by Singaporean celebrity influencer Dawn Yang.

We are a fun and forward online fashion store, with a great mix of the latest trends and classic chic.

Our goal is to help every girl & every woman feel beautiful, stylish and confident, without breaking the bank!

Dawn personally curates and sources the store's apparel from around the world, including exclusive pieces thoughtfully designed by her.

Whether you're looking for party, work, or casual off duty outfits, LL has something for you!



Dawn Yang is pioneer social media influencer, model and host.

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In the Straits Times Nov 2011 - Dawn was named a "STYLE INSPIRATION ICON" for young Asian women, alongside Japanese model Lena Fuji and HongKong model Angelababy.


Known to fans and followers worldwide for her chic satorial sensibilities, Dawn is passionate about creating fashion that's true to her aesthetic and helping other girls to have fun with their wardrobe!

She is inspired by the runways, the fashion scenes of L.A. and New York City where she used to reside, and her many international adventures around the world.

Dawn's trusty sidekick and co-founder is her sister Claire.

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Instagram @dawnyang

Twitter @dawnyang1


*All that we have, we give thanks to our wonderful Father God in heaven, who loves us dearly. Through Him all things are possible.*